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With Paragon, agents can grow their business and increase premium with ease.


Learn how to scale your practice

Paragon offers a complete turnkey Virtual Tax office to help you gain more insight and exam other opportunities. Contact Paragon now to see the benefits of having your own virtual tax office.  

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Our Marketing Tech Stack

Paragon has developed marketing technology that enables Advisors to compete with both Federal Benefits and Consumers who are on the path to purchase.

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Increase Your Service Offerings

Get and stay in front of qualified clients and prospects using the Paragon Model. Our national network lets you better serve your clients in and near retirement. You can offer your clients these services:

Advisor Run

Just like you, we’re in the trenches day in and day out. We understand the challenges you face as client needs and market changes require you to adapt on the fly.

Advisor Built

The processes, tools, and strategies we provide are the same ones that we use to grow our business. Plus, we continue to add new resources.

Advisor Focus

Your success is our priority. We believe that focusing on marketing, education, and sales lets you become a proactive planner – and helps you serve your clients even more.

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How We Can Help You

At Paragon Tax Advisory Services, we educate and coordinate advisors, CPAs, and attorneys to work as a team on each client’s behalf. We’re dedicated to helping you prepare and present solutions from a tax-smart perspective.

Tax Franchise Model

Federal Marketing Program

Estate Planning Program

Advanced Tax Planning

Advanced Sales Team

Workshop Packages

CPE Offering

Paragon Marketing Technologies

Start your conversation with world class advisors

It’s easy to say you can help advisors but at Paragon we actually do. We help you develop a better niche market, stay in front of prospects with SILLOET and enable your practice to integrate with Federal Employees daily.

Most importantly we build virtual Tax Practices that deliver results and allow advisors to dig deeper into each case.