Workshops and Events

If you currently do events then you are throwing away your data! Paragon has partnered with SILLOET to enable Advisors to recapture 60% of all event data and increase registrations by 30%- 40% per event. Paragon doesn’t just point you in the direction of a mail house. We turn the wrench and provide you with buying units.

Offer Educational Events

We offer complete workshop packages to get you in front of your clients and prospects. As part of your package, we’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to present with ease.

Some of the workshops that we offer include:

In addition to PowerPoint presentations and other training materials, we offer an email awareness and drip marketing campaigns to make sure that your client sees your name multiple times before and after an event.

Get Started

Want to know more about our workshop packages? All you have to do is book a free consultation with one of our experts. They will be able to provide valuable guidance on how you can grow your business.